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Semi Integrated solar LED street lights


Proper PV module Placement: In all in one solar LED street-light, we need to set up  PV module direction and tilt angle as per our requirement and not as per optimised solar power generation. In integrated solar street-lights we installed LED luminary separately and therefore we may install PV module with proper solar direction and tilt angle.

Lower Operation Cost: It is less expensive to operate a integrated solar powered street light than a traditional solar street light.
Reduced Damage/Theft: By locating directly on the light fixture and placing the battery within, the risk of damage, theft or tampering is greatly reduced. 

Ruggedised Technology: Require less maintenance and reduced parts replacement due to initially incorporating higher quality components. 

Product CodeLED WattagePV ModuleBatteryLuminous FluxDimension (mm)
ETSSL-INT-10-PRM-B10 watt(+/-5%)30 Wp80wh LiFePO41300 Lumen330X80X80
ETSSL-INT-12-PRM-B12 watt(+/-5%)40 Wp154wh LiFePO41560Lumen330X80X80
ETSSL-INT-15-PRM-B15 watt(+/-5%)50 Wp154wh LiFePO41950 Lumen330X80X80
ETSSL-INT-18-PRM-B18 watt(+/-5%)60 Wp230wh LiFePO42340 Lumen340X150X120
ETSSL-INT-24-PRM-B24 watt(+/-5%)75 Wp230wh LiFePO42700 Lumen340X150X120
ETSSL-INT-30-PRM-B30 watt(+/-5%)100 Wp307wh LiFePO43900 Lumen340X150X120
ETSSL-INT-40-PRM-B40 watt(+/-5%)150 Wp461wh LiFePO45200 Lumen340X150X120

40watt Semi Integrated Solar Street Light

12w Semi Integrated Solar Street Light

30Watt Semi Integrated Solar Street Light

24watt Semi Integrate Solar Street Light

10Watt Semi Integrated Solar Street Light